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Mt. Hood Pet Medical

Dog smiling at the camera


Providing your pet with the best dental and oral healthcare services in Gresham

Our pet dental clinic in Gresham believes good dental hygiene and pet dental care for your pet is serious business. Chronic, un-diagnosed dental disease is one of the most common causes of pain in our pets and they seriously undermine general health and well-being. Mt Hood Pet Medical in Gresham highly recommends animal dental hygiene and dental check-ups to guarantee your beloved pet the best possible health and happiness.

Dog getting his teeth examined

Pet Dental Services:

  • Dental Cleaning

  • Extractions

  • Dental Radiographs

  • State of the art dental equipment

  • Digital dental radiographs

  • Full pre anesthetic blood analysis testing

  • Safest anesthesia and pain control

  • IV catheter and IV fluids throughout dental procedure

  • ECG, blood pressure & pulse oximetry for patient monitoring during anesthesia

  • Clindoral Periodontal Filler application extends the longevity of the tooth.